Basic to intermediate Urdu language classes online

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You can use the booking system to conveniently schedule a class online. Or you can send me a message directly.

Urdu Classes

I currently work with basic to low intermediate level students of all ages. If you already have experience with the spoken language and/or with Hindi, we can focus our efforts on building your confidence with the script.

Christoph Dusenbery

Language Teacher
Hindi, Urdu, English

About Me

While my primary South Asian language studies focused on Hindi, I have been working on the Urdu script since 2008 and have had lots of spoken Urdu practice with my in-laws since 2010.

  • More than 2 thousand hours of experience teaching Urdu
  • Ten years spent living and teaching in India.
  • Cofounded Zabaan Language Institute in 2009

Interested in Hindi classes?

I also teach basic to low advanced Hindi. Check out my site Seattle Hindi Online for more details.

Seattle Hindi Online