Urdu Learning Resources

Here I’m listing some of the most useful websites I’ve come across to help you with learning different aspects of Urdu. I’ll continue to add to this list over time and I’m always open to any suggestions you might have.

Hindi Urdu Flagship

The Hindi Urdu Flagship program at the University of Texas at Austin has created perhaps the most impressive website of all for Hindi and Urdu learners. All of their fantastic resources are available for free download.

InPage™ Urdu

InPage™ is undoubtedly the best software available for typing in Urdu. It ain’t cheap but it’s a must for anyone serious about the language. The latest version is now available for Mac in addition to Windows.

Sources on Hindi/Urdu Language and Literature

Professor Frances Pritchett of Columbia University has created an impressive collection of links related to Hindi/Urdu language learning, literature, poetry, and more.

Urdu Script Video

This introduction to the Urdu script by Tyler Williams presents the full form letters and sounds.